Academic Transcripts

A transcript is a comprehensive record of an individual's academic progress at Stetson University.  Your Stetson transcript will include:

  • A list of all classes you’ve taken.
  • The grades you received for all classes.
  • A list of semesters attended and majors. The transcript will list the semesters during which you took classes.
  • Degree(s) earned and Minors completed
  • Major(s) of study will be listed along with applicable major Concentration, and elected Minor(s).
  • Grade point average. The transcript will list your cumulative GPA as of your last semester of enrollment and itemize a GPA for each semester. 
  • Honor Roll or Dean's List status awarded based on your GPA at the completion of each semester.
  • Student information. The transcript will list your full name, date of birth, your Stetson identification number, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Other institutions. The transcript will list transfer credits of qualified courses completed at another college.
  • Official documentation. An official transcript also contains the University seal, Registrar's signature, and other official documentation indicating the document came from the registrar’s office.

Additional information can be found elsewhere in the catalog as follows:

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